Freedom. This was my thought, my feeling during Silvia and Giacomo’s wedding couple shooting.

It was in the middle of a very full day, getting ready and ceremony already took place, with a lot of friends and relatives in a colorful and hard to manage crowd.

Plus, Silvia and Giacomo were not a “classic” couple to me: I met them through one of my closest friends, Irene, so we known each other pretty well from before the wedding. Silvia and I chatted a lot about their wedding photos, she had a lot of ideas and a clear mind on what she wanted to get.

So, after a bunch of “must have” couple pictures, we get to what I really planned for this couple from the beginning: the sunset, the empty beach of Tuscany seaside, only us, their love and freedom.

Freedom from all the “must have”.

Fredoom from perfect hair and don’t-touch-me makeup.

Freedom from fear to walk, run, jump and really enjoy the wedding dress.

Freedom from uncomfortable high heels.

I asked the mto leave everything and everyone behind for just 20 minutes. Leave the idea of the wedding day, of what’s proper, of what “you have to”, and bring only themselves and their love, nothing else.

The result was one of the couple shootings I loved most in wedding season 2018. One of the most emotional, most close to what I would like to see in my couples, and in my pictures.

Love, freedom and joy.

These are the three words for my wedding photography in 2019: I will try to search them, in my next shootings, in a lot of different ways, with a lot of different couples.

Have a great 2019 to all of you, and enjoy my gallery.


If you want to see the full wedding of Silvia and Giacomo, this is their gallery