Once Upon a Time there was a very happy dog, a loving couple and the beautiful tuscan hills…

It’s alwayas a pleasure when a friend ask me to photograph his couple engagement. And it’s a true onor when that friend is also a colleague.

Lorenzo and I met a couple of years ago at ANFM convention; he’s a wedding photographer like me. We have collaborated on some weddings, and then he asked me to photograph him with his girlfirend Martina in an engagement on Tuscan hills.

We drove to Laiatico, near Pisa, in a sunny afternoon of mid-April; the hills in that corner were so beautiful and inspiring, the spring started to show in all her greens and colours, and the light was so beautiful during the sunset; I wanted to photograph the cople in a real and easy attitude, with a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Lorenzo and Martina bring to the engagement shooting their beloved dog Maya, that was happier than us to be free to run through the hills and enjoy the afternoon. We played with Maya, enjoyed the sun and the free time.

Thank you Lorenzo for chosing me to make this memories for you.