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Elegant and stylish wedding in Tuscany September 24, 2019 / Weddings Featured Once upon a time there was a photographer / bridesmaid, a cascade of curly hair and four gray tulle dresses ... It's always a challenge when someone you know chooses you as his wedding photographer... READ MORE Destination Wedding at Villa Artimino August 30, 2019 / weddings Once Upon a Time there was an Indian Groom, a Japanese bride and the stunning Villa Artimino in Tuscany as background… Naomi and Parag’s wedding was the most intercontinental wedding I have ever ph... READ MORE Engagment in Tuscan hills April 19, 2019 / Engagement Once Upon a Time there was a very happy dog, a loving couple and the beautiful tuscan hills... It's alwayas a pleasure when a friend ask me to photograph his couple engagement. And it's a true onor... READ MORE Destination Wedding in Switzerland February 25, 2019 / weddings Once Upon a Time there was a red detail, two scientists and a unique landscape… One of my mantras is “Life is made by first experiences”. When Elisa and Davide first wrote to me, I couldn’t b... READ MORE Same Sex Wedding in Florence February 7, 2019 / weddings Once Upon a Time there was a strange, happy girl, a delicate and elegant girl, and the God of love that hugged them… same sex wedding in Florence. Life is a long list of first times. As I alwa... READ MORE Freedom. January 23, 2019 / weddings Freedom. This was my thought, my feeling during Silvia and Giacomo's wedding couple shooting. It was in the middle of a very full day, getting ready and ceremony already took place, with a lot of... READ MORE Intimate Wedding in Umbria November 7, 2018 / weddings Once upon a time there was green & lavender fields, an ancient villa in in the middle of Umbria and a wonderful, truly happy family... I want to deeply thank Logan, Rebekah and their families f... READ MORE Wedding proposal in Florence September 30, 2018 / Engagement Once upon a Time there was a cloudy day, the Florence's landscape and a ring... First things are always special. This was my first wedding proposal photoshooting, I loved it, I want to make a lot mor... READ MORE Lake Orta Norwegian Wedding August 30, 2018 / weddings Once Upon a Time there was a sunny day in June, a norwegian bride and a magical lake in northen Italy… Lake Orta Wedding. It’s really amazing for a wedding photographer, when you get call to shot i... READ MORE Wedding in San Gimignano July 26, 2018 / weddings Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful villa in the heart of Tuscany, a beautiful couple and a blonde sweet daughter… These are the main elements of the love story of Giada e Alessio, married in a ... READ MORE